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Business Design Masterclass

Business Design is a collaborative user-centric approach that perfectly blends design and management to help businesses craft, strategize and deliver a viable business model based on user research, market analysis, strategy, and user experience. Business designer takes creative and human-centered innovation and make it succeed out in the real world. Business design helps to bridge the gap between the goal of the business and attainment of the goal on the ground of customer centricity, driven trend and vision of the brand.

For instance: PepsiCo’s product Pepsi Spire was a result of innovation business design. Pepsi Spire, a digital drinks fountain that enabled customers to customize their drinks with up to 500 combinations. This idea attributed to the team of designers, scientist and marketers who came up with the idea of a touch screen dispenser to facilitate a more interactive experience with the PepsiCo brand as a result helped in improving customer satisfaction.

This course helps to train the future business leaders and entrepreneurs in the methodology of creating/planning a new business and building a sustainable brand. It also focuses on empathy and purpose driven innovation to crate the business of the future.

Targeted Audience

Brand Builders / Entrepreneurs / Business leaders, marketing and communication design students, Mid-level professionals in the field of Brand and business strategy

This way of thinking helps in creating a brand differentiator.

Key takeaways

ü  Build a lateral or disruptive innovation mindset.

ü  Understand the general approach of trend forecasting and behavioral design

ü  Identify opportunities to develop a new product or service

ü  Build a business case

ü  Help build future resilience for an organization.

Key highlights

ü  8 HRS virtual Instructor led session

ü  Batch of 20 -30

ü Tailor-made workshop to be done on real time pre- selected problem scenarios applicable to the firm.

ü  Toolkit to be shared for future reference.

Modules Covered

ü  Evolution of the new business landscape

ü  Introduction to service / experience economy

ü  The Omni channel and predictive experience

ü  The evolving user behavior and customer advocacy

ü  The 6P process of innovation by KPMG India

ü Spotting the opportunity: Trend spotting and mapping, Opportunity identification, differentiated vision creation (Defining vision / mission / USP and values)

ü Introduction to user empathy: User ethnography and culture, Insight generation and behavior prediction, User persona creation

ü  Offering design: Purpose driven Product / service system design, Brand promise

ü Basics of brand strategy: Culture and personification (Hofstede model, Branding and communication design, Experience journey and touch point design, Marketing and outreach strategy

ü  Business model canvas design: Positioning and Differentiation, Go-to-market Strategy

ü  Creating a pitch: Hero’s story model 

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