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BCS Level 5 Diploma in IT

This level of study is for someone who already understand the fundamental principles in IT and are ready to start developing your specialist skills. It will brush upon your existing skills to stay on top of your game. Diploma in IT comprises a core module and three modules selected by you to suit your chosen career path. The Diploma in IT is the academic equivalent to year two of a University Honours Degree in England.


If you’re not going on to study the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you will need to complete a 5,000-word professional IT project as part of your Diploma in IT.

*200 guided learning hours to complete project.


ü  BCS Student Membership benefits giving you a head-start in your career joining a globally recognized organization.

ü  Course learning materials and exams registration.

ü  Access to tutors and mentors who are professionals in their chosen fields.

ü  Continuous and ongoing guidance to ensure success at the examinations.

ü  Ongoing support throughout examinations preparation and Career and professional development guidance.


Duration: 6 months

Course Registration Fee: 20000+13% VAT

BCS Student member Full course membership: 30£ + 15% Tax

Name of the Subject/Module

College & Exam Fee per module

Core Module

Professional issues in IS practice


Option 1- Database systems, IT project management, Big data management


Option 2


Option 3


If you’re not going to study the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you’ll need to complete a 5000-word professional IT project as part of your Diploma in IT.


Note: 13% VAT will be charged EXTRA on training fee.

*225 guided learning hours per module/1086 hours total qualification time.

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