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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

After you get insights from the data, you will collectively get more than 100 ideas about how can you solve a specific problem. Lean six sigma helps to identify which is the most efficient way of doing things for better process control with effective waste reduction. It tells you out of those 100 ideas which are the top 5 ideas that can lead to maximum result in minimum investment and tells you how you can cut all the process problem out of it making better process control. Likewise, it also helps professional identifying risks, errors or defects in a business process and removing them. Lean six sigma professionals continue to be in demand, companies worldwide seek to cut costs and improve processes and decrease waste.

For instance: Motorola, as one of the first large companies to use six sigma, it implemented it on a trial basis to streaming product quality and services to increase revenues. The results were very encouraging, and improved the overall performance of the company.

This course helps to enhance your leadership skills on methods to streamline process, reduce costs, and improve revenue, by stabling fact based on collusion those remain unchallengeable.

Who is it for?

Everyone actually!

Graduate students and Mid-level professionals, Fields like marketing & sales, BFSI, sales and marketing, HR, operations, FMCG, retail, IT & ITES, research, manufacturing and more have high demand for LSS professionals


Learning Outcomes

ü  Orients participants to analyze current trends, data and innovate ideas for performance improvement

ü  Ability to join diverse profiles/functions across industries

ü  Build Data Driven decision making capability 

ü  Develops analytical approach to solve any business problem

ü  Provides knowledge on methods to streamline process, reduce costs, improve revenue

ü  Certified professionals help organization align to business objectives and improve efficiency of each processes

Key Highlights

ü  25 HRS - Instructor led session 

ü  Batch of 35-40

ü  One of the most recognized courses globally by KPMG, In 154+ countries.

ü  Faculty with industry experience, Interactive sessions, MINITAB demonstration, Real-time project examples from various domains.

ü  Brings practical demonstration of statistical tools and provide an opportunity to practice in a mini-group setup

ü  Access to self-paced e-learning module for LSS Green Belt along with access to LMS for 1 month

Modules Covered

ü  Overview on Lean Six Sigma

ü  VOC-Voice of Customer

Ø  Determining CTO

Ø  Project Development

Ø  Process Mapping

Ø  Inference from define phase

ü  Types of Data

Ø Data distribution

Ø Sampling strategy

Ø Introduction to Minitab

Ø Data collection plan

Ø Validate measurement system

Ø Determine process capability

Ø Inference from measure phase

ü  Identification of possible cause

Ø  Process analysis with lean

Ø  Hypothesis testing

Ø  Correlation and regression analysis

Ø  Inference from analyze phase

ü  Generate solutions

Ø  Select / Refine / test solutions

Ø  Justify solutions

Ø  Inference from Improve phase

ü  Overview on control phase

Ø  Implementation and acceptance strategy

Ø  Introduction to SPC

Ø  Response plan and documentation

Ø  Inference from control phase

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