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Customer Centric Design and Innovation Thinking Boot camp

Customer Centricity is the heart of innovation. You need to understand the customer to create innovative solution. That’s where you need the technique called design thinking. Design thinking helps to build innovative mindset by aligning the need of the people and your business value with the trend and technology to provide human centric problem solving.

As, the behavior of customers are constantly changing with the emerging trend and technology, it becomes competitive for business to cope up with the changing trends and meet the demand of the customer.

For instance: Nokia, being the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world in 1998, but failed in 2011, because of the leader’s old mindset and not being able to meet the customer behavior change.

That’s why this course focuses on the skills of mapping and forecasting the impact of trends on user behavior and business to map meaningful business opportunities and creation of new product/ service offering along with developing design thinking.

Who is it for?

Everyone actually!

Mid-level professionals, Change makers Product developers, Strategist, marketers, entrepreneurs, Business/ Engineering and Design Students.

Learning Outcomes

ü  Build an innovation mindset. 

ü  Understand the general approach of design thinking and its applications

ü  Identify opportunities to develop a new product or service 

ü  Develop a prototype of the concept and test the same 

ü  Build a business case 

ü Create a culture of design and empathy and customer centricity in your organization

ü  Align various stakeholders towards a single purpose

ü  Create real business impact over sustained periods of time


Key Highlights

ü  16 HRS - Instructor led session 

ü  Batch of 20 -30 

ü  Tailor-made workshop to be done on real time pre- selected problem scenarios applicable to the firm. 

ü  Shortlisted problem-solving toolkit to be shared for future reference.

ü  Over +150 successful trainings delivered by the team.

 Modules Covered 

ü Types of innovation and emergence of experience economy

ü  Introduction to service design 

ü  Introduction to system design 

ü Basics of user experience (UX design), Customer experience (CX) and brand experience (BX) design.

ü  Live cases and best practices 

ü Introduction to design thinking – application, evolution, advantages and use cases 

ü  Introduction to experience design and user empathy 

ü  Introduction to trend-based innovation and behavioral design 


Learning the tools for 

ü  Problem framing 

ü  User ethnographic research and insight generation 

ü  Creating user journeys 

ü  Rapid ideation and prioritization 

ü  Prototyping and testing 

ü  Pitching an idea 

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