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Agile Practitioner Training

We are operating in a global, responsive, customer - focused and technology driven world. With software as the key driver of growth, innovation, efficiency and productivity, how you deliver software says a lot about how you‘ll compete in this world. A world written by software spells opportunities for those who capitalize on it and risks for those who don’t. The companies that survive- and thrive- in this world will be agile companies; those able to quickly and confidently respond to change, deliver value faster than the competition and build high- quality products that customers really want.

For instance: Cisco adopted the scaled agile framework (SAFe) and introduced three agile release trains on Subscription Billing Platform (SBP)- capabilities, defects and fixes and projects. Defects were reduced by 40% compared to previous waterfall releases and defect removal efficiency increased by 14% with no overtime.

This workshop will give a foundation level knowledge and impart behavioral skills needed to implement agile discipline. The program aims at understanding the collaboration and communication needed between customer and developers for agile to be successful. To promote disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation.

Who is it for?

Project leads 

Computer Science and Information Technology specialization students and mid/ entry level IT professionals, Operations, Information Systems and Digital specialization students in Management stream


Learning Outcomes 

ü  Participants will be able to understand the agile tools, methodologies, principles, ceremonies and deliverables in a digital environment

ü  Participants will be able to develop the necessary behavioral skills required to lead and be part of digital agile implementations

ü  The workshop will provide the participants with an opportunity to understand and practice agile in the right way that will help them to achieve success in customer value delivery.

ü  It will also help the participants to adapt to a fast-changing digital environment, and enable them to transform to high-performing and self-organized teams with respect to knowledge of tools, processes and behavioral skills


Key Highlights

ü  16 HRS - Instructor led session 

ü  Batch of 15

ü  The course is customized for students with examples from industry

ü  All exercises will accompany with real life scenarios and industry case study.

ü  Experienced agile experts

Modules Covered

ü  Context of Agility

ü  History of Agile

ü  Agile values and principles

ü  Customer and stakeholder profiling

ü  Communication strategies

ü  Cognitive biases connected to communication and agility

ü  Developmental mastery models

ü  Scrum model for iterative working

ü  Kanban and Kaizen Mastery Models

ü  Backlog grooming

ü  Prioritization techniques

ü  Agile transformation concepts

ü  Agile sizing and estimation

ü  Agile metrics

ü  Agile leadership and discovery

ü  Agile Tools customized for Mutual Fund Industry

ü  Objective type assessment

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