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// Entrance Examination Globalized

Multi-batch Computer-based Exam

ISS has developed its own examination module named E-Jaanch with aim of generating skilled manpower. E-Jaanch is a pure play testing & assessment services company, providing innovative assessment services to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities across the globe.

It offers over 5 lakh pre-established questions which are used all over the world to know about the skill set of employees. In includes online test, entrance examination, scholarship examination, semester end examination, annual examinations, video assessments, interschool and intra-school competitions.

It aims to bring the convenience to our clients eliminating the requirement of visiting the specific exam center to take their exams. We can provide an individual based exam platform fulfilling the purpose of exam center, exam paper, invigilator and the examiner. In the current world, these functionalities would be a gem for:

a. Corporates

      - Hiring

      - International examinations

b. Educational Institutes

      - Internal examinations

      - Mock Tests

      - Yearly examinations

At EJaanch, we have assessments varying across 32+ domains which are based on competencies specific to each job role such as Coding assessments, Tech & Functional assessments, Account & Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Law, Retail and many more. 

Why take EJaanch Test?

ü  Show your skills to world.

ü  Evaluates students on domain skills

ü  Get a detailed feedback report on things you lag.

ü  Big or small companies can contact you on the basis of score.

ü EJaanch’s candidate report helps candidates identify their strong and weak areas.

ü  Get a better understanding about the job-fitment.

ü Helps match students with suitable jobs based on their performance test.

How EJaanch improves ROI on people?

ü  Best quality of hires

Assessment scores correlate with Performance and Time to Productivity (10x -15x)

ü  Higher retention rates

Assessment scores correlate with Retention Rate and Length of Service (5x -10x)

ü  Process efficiency gain

Use of E-Jaanch Online Assessments Saves Interview Hours, reduces time to offer and increases hiring Manager’s satisfaction (3x -5x)

A modern solution to End-To-End Examination Management System

ü  Faster result processing

ü  Superior exam objectivity

ü  Enhanced security

ü  Omni-Channel exam

ü  Simplified application program

ü  Simplified candidate authentication

EJaanch Enhanced Security

ü  Real-time image proctoring

ü  Window lock with test termination

ü  Randomization for questions and answers

ü  Video proctoring

ü  IP ranges