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We Deal With The Aspects Of Generating Skilled Manpower

In this era of new knowledge and skills, we believe Nepal is yet to achieve a lot in comparison to other countries. ISS for “दक्ष नेपाल, सक्षम नेपाल”, aim to work to fill the gap between a certificate owner and a skilled manpower by training them to become industry ready individuals. These training programs will assist customers in learning new skills and adding new knowledge to their portfolio.

ISS strive to bring high-quality skill-based education for students and professionals, solving the problem of an employer by determining the level of skills and knowledge the hiring employee has and helps in categorizing the level they belong to as per their skills and qualifications.

We have three major products on our portfolio;

ü  E-Jaanch

ü  BCS (British Computer Society)

ü  KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler)

ISS helps companies to find skill set possessed and required by their current employees, recruit, train and empowers their skills to give them an edge to market.

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